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What it's like getting a golden ticket...

Well, I have some big life updates. It's official I got a job in Spain. One in my field of study and one that is granting me working rights. When I first came to Spain I was on a student visa with the BEDA program working as a Language Assistant. Now I am working at an international school in their Marketing department. It took a lot of convincing to get them to hire me because there are not a lot of visa options for Americans. In the end, I did a ton of research and found a practicas visa. It's only available if you just graduated and luckily I just finished my Master's. The practicas visa was fairly straightforward to get, but my job still paid for a lawyer to handle it all. I definitely recommend getting a lawyer to handle these visas because if you have something wrong with your paperwork it could mean your visa being rejected.

However, getting this golden ticket can feel difficult. Recently I feel like I shouldn't complain because you are lucky to be in this situation. It's hard to see that your friends apply for jobs and not get visas. But I have to think about the work I put in to get this job. Honestly, in the last year, I applied to well over 500 jobs. I had several interviews, but it took almost a year and a half to get an offer. Even then it took a lot of research to get the visa I have now.

My endpoint is it's a lot of work to get a job in another country. More work than I could even imagine. So don't give up when you get a lot of no's or even worse a lot of no answers. Know it will take double even triple the amount of time to get a job and expect to find them in the strangest places. The job I have now I found of a Facebook group. Be searching everywhere. I spent 30 mins every morning on the train and about an hour during lunches for a solid year before I got an offer.

Good luck.

It is hard but I promise it is not impossible.


Bailey xx

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