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Priorities are Shifting

I always thought I would stay abroad forever. Be the cool aunt who flies into family functions with a head full of stories and a backpack full of gifts. But as life is going on I can feel my priorities are starting to change.

The last year my family has faced bad news after bad news. My godfather who was a very prominent person in our lives suddenly passed away. My mother had a scare with cancer. I ended up in the hospital for 5 days, uncovering some medical issues. Then my grandfather died. Emotionally we are tired... and I miss home.

It is difficult to plan to leave Spain. I have lots of things after 5 apartments. I have a dog and a boyfriend here in Spain. Since I won't be staying for a job I am giving up my visa which makes my timeline very short so I do not end up illegal in Spain.

But with all of this, I am excited about the next chapter. I am excited to be present. I am excited to make more permanent plans for my future. This new chapter should be the most exciting one yet.

Thanks for sticking around.

Bailey xx
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