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About Me 

👋 Hi there! My name is Bailey and I'm a Content Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer. I have a Masters of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production and a degree in Media Arts and Digital Media.

💻 My Specialities:
Graphic Design
Video Editing+ Motion Graphics
Audio Production: Podcasts, Live Sound, and Audio Editing
Photography + Content Creation: Educational Content, Copywriting, and Social Media
Event Management + Planning
Teaching: Adobe Creative Cloud, Video Production, and ESL

🗺 I have worked in five different countries (USA, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and Spain) and in a variety of Industries (Education, Commercial, and Tourism)

☀️I'm passionate about the arts and social media, and I love a good challenge. Whether it's work-related or a game of Tetris, problem-solving is my jam. In my free time, I enjoy equestrian sports, which has taught me to think on my feet and stay calm under pressure.

📨 Please feel free to reach out! My inbox is always open.


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