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A whole year and a pandemic later...

Well, welcome back.

2020 was quite the year. 75 days in quarantine made me come out as a different person. I think we all changed in 2020. I guess I should update you with everything new. I am still in Spain but now I have a role as an Audio Visual Teacher at a private school. I am hopefully looking for new opportunities to get back into video editing, but for now, I have been creating videos with a channel called Symbole X. I completed my Masters's last year by doing a documentary on Expats in Madrid. It is on youtube go check it out! I think through this pandemic made me realize how important community is and I am so lucky to have such a tight community here in Madrid. I was able to make it home and after several COVID tests see my family and my sweet pup, Archie. I don't have many plans for 2021, just trying to go with the flow and keep my spirits up.

Cheers to a new year!

- Bailey xx

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